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Herzegovina - Neretva Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Herzegovina is the land of sun and rocks, its glades and vales are covered with shrubs and trees. This ambiance offers unforgettable scenes and atmosphere to every passer-by, as it is pleasant both on the eye and the soul. As a historical region, Herzegovina offers a great number of historical sites such as the Old Town in Mostar, Počitelj, Blagaj, Mogorjelo, Radimlja... Herzegovinian museums store many archaeological finds and fossils from ancient history. It is precisely because of this that Herzegovina offers to each of its guests a “walk” through time. The capital of Herzegovina is Mostar, which together with the famous pilgrimage site Međugorje, the seaside resort Neum, a natural oasis Blagaj and other attractions make this region one of the most attractive ones in the southeast Europe. 


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