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Press Release MBM TOURISM PRAGUE 2020

Press Release MBM TOURISM PRAGUE 2020

Press release
MBM TOURISM PRAGUE 2020 a successfull international event organised by the Enterprise Europe Network

Tourism and connected services belong to dynamic fields that significantly contribute to national economies. Therefore it is prioritised by the European Union and consequently also by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – originally European, nowadays worldwide – network aimed to help small and medium-sized businesses.

Since the EEN partners follow trends and listen to their clients, they decided to organise a b2b event. A good opportunity to arrange such meetings for companies in tourism came with the International Tourism Trade Fair Holiday World held in mid February in Praha, Czechia.

The first edition of the MBM TOURISM PRAGUE 2020 was organised by the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic together with other EEN colleagues, with full support of ABF, a.s. that is the organiser of the Holiday World fair. The b2b event was intended for companies and stakeholders in tourism. Not only travel agencies and tour operators but also accommodation facilities, restaurants, spa and wellness resorts, health tourism, cycling and agrotourism were represented at the venue. Not to forget to mention companies offering IT (smart) solutions and apps.

As the simultaneous event was Heritage – Museums – Crafts, there were held single meetings for companies active in various crafts, mostly of interest of Czech and German companies. 

When speaking about MBM TOURISM PRAGUE 2020: prior the event came applications from 120 firms and stakeholders from all over the world. Eventually 100 companies from 26 countries actively participated in the event who together made about 220 official and tens of unofficial face-to-face meetings.

Such events would be not successful without support of other partners: firstly, to appreciate the assistance of ABF, a.s. that promoted the event and provided premises and free entrance tickets. Secondly, to appreciate the EEN partners from various countries who encouraged their clients to be in.

21 EEN partners – members of the Sector group Tourism & Cultural Heritage – assisted their clients in Praha. Meeting of the sector group members was also one of the accompanying events of the fair.

During the whole fair, companies (visitors and exhibitors) could visit the stand of the EEN and consult their business issues, not only towards tourism & cultural heritage.

The first edition of the MBM TOURISM PRAGUE 2020 was successful. According to the survey made instantly after the meetings, the gained contact details of the newly met potential partners were very perspective - almost 70 per cent of the meetings were rated as “cooperation possible” and 12 meetings were rated as “cooperation agreed”. The rest of the meetings brought exchange of information and only a very limited number of meetings were rated as “not interested”. Highly esteemed was the whole organisation and arrangement of the event, including the assistance before and during the b2b event itself. Members of the above mentioned sector group were also surprised by the scale of the b2b event and of the fair itself.

Some of the participants attended such event for the first time. Not only they appreciated the benefits of b2b meetings: ????• minimum costs • open to visitors and exhibitors • free registration • meet up to 12 business partners according to respective preferences • prior scheduling of meetings • attendance of two interesting fairs at once. The visitors had enough time to visit the fair itself and the exhibitors could invite their partners to their stand.

This type of event is more and more popular among business people.

More information about the MBM TOURISM PRAGUE 2020 including company profiles of the participants please find at http://tourismprague2020.talkb2b.net/.

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