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Competition for 2 books "Moje Pacifická hřebenovka"

Competition for 2 books

Do you like competitions and travel books? Then we invite you to our Facebook! The organizing team of the HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD trade fairs is already working diligently on the 30th anniversary edition of these trade fairs, and we have decided to make your waiting for trade fairs of tourism and regional tourism more pleasant by competiting for 2 great books written by Monika Benešová.

The rules of the competition are simple:

1) Write to us in the comments under the competition entry at our FB What kind of the trip is your favorite and mark with whom you like to enjoy it by your side?

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The competition will end on Monday 28 February, 2022 at 23:59.

We will announce  2 winners of books the day after March 1, 2022 FB here.

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General rules for the competition can be found at our FB.

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