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Legend Stanislav Synek is again a part of the fair


It has been more than two years since you said goodbye during our tourism fair to the expedition that set out on a several-year trip around the world.

TKS2 has a unique concept, where people can join the board during the whole trip and thus gain real expedition first hand experience, for example within two or three weeks.

Stanislav Synek - the patron of TKS2 and the only surviving member of the entire original expedition from the late 1980s around the world - joined these travelers last year.

And you can look forward to Stanislav Synek at our fair on Sunday,  20 March, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm on our main stage.

Marek Havlíček, the founder of the TKS2 project and a traveler with traveler Tereza Flešarová as well, will also be an integral part of  Sunday story performance.

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