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The AROUND THE WORLD festival has prepared world tastings for the EXOTIC FOOD COURT section as a part of the HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD trade fairs


The festival AROUND THE WORLD and the event HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD 2022 includes a section with exotic food EXOTIC FOOD COURT, which will offer excellent snacks through world cuisines. Exotic tastes and aromas will awaken in you a desire for adventure travel.

That is why, in addition to the lecture hall of the AROUND THE WORLD festival, 12 foreign chefs with prepared tastings are waiting for you in the 2D hall in the middle of the For Caravan trade fair hall.

You can look forward to the following world cuisines:

  • Filipino specialties
  • Sweet and savory desserts of Indonesian cuisine
  • The best kebab of Arabic cuisine
  • Lebanese cuisine
  • Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk
  • African donuts from the Congo
  • Samosas from Ivory Coast
  • Korean kim chi salad
  • Crispy worms - a nutritious delicacy of the future
  • ....Or Mexican burritos

The individual thematic and authentic kitchens are based directly on the AROUND THE WORLD festival concept, the program of which takes place in Hall 2D and in the PVA EXPO Congress Hall. The exact program of the festival can be found here:https://kolemsveta.cz/festival2022/

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