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Enterprise Europe Network successfully connected tourism entrepreneurs: a total of 173 online and face-to-face meetings were held. Final report HERE.

Final Press Release

HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD 2023 video report

The Czech UNESCO heritage is not missing at the HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD 2023 fair!

Czech UNESCO heritage presents the beauty of all cities and towns in the Czech Republic that have a UNESCO monument on their territory. You can find a presentation of these gems in hall 3 - in a joint exhibition with the Czech Tourism Union. Among the big attractions here are not only individual materials from the cities, but also a number of joint leaflets and brochures. Do you want to test your knowledge of UNESCO monuments and travel? So don't hesitate and come at any time during the fair to fill out the so-called Quick Prize Quiz. As a reward for completing the Quick Quiz, you can get table or wall calendars, notebooks, freebies for monuments, books and a number of other prizes. On Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., you can also compete on the main stage in hall 4. There is also a travel competition prepared again! All you have to do is visit at least 3 places with UNESCO monuments in the Czech or Slovak Republic before the end of the year and you can win weekend stays, a mobile phone, a tablet and many other prizes! More details on www.unesco-czech.cz.

Ing. Michaela Severová, executive director of the association of Czech UNESCO heritage municipalities

Compete with the Czech UNESCO Heritage and you won't regret it!

Come and fill out the Quick Quiz for prizes during the fair! The annual UNES&CO travel competition is also interesting, or Facebook group Society of Friends of UNESCO Monuments. We look forward to you!

Pilsen Region is a tourist paradise!

Pilsen Region is a tourist paradise!

It became a proud partner region of this year's HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD 2023 fair Pilsen region. Immerse yourself in the experiences in this beautiful region.



Český Banát - a trip through time and space to our compatriots

Get to know one of the most interesting Czech communities in the world, which around 1823 embarked on a long journey to the border area of ​​the former Austria-Hungary. Almost 200 years of fascinating history combined with archaic Czech, ancient customs and amazing unpopulated nature make this visit an experience that is hard to convey! VisitBanat.com has prepared an original service for you with a strong emphasis on the use of local resources and forces.

VisitBanat.com you can also follow on Facebook HERE.


Pošumaví tourist area includes a large area in the southeast of the Plzeň Region - Plánicko, Předslavsko, Střední Pošumaví and Prácheňsko along the border with the South Bohemian Region.

The charm of natural scenery, sparse population and historically valuable buildings enhance the beauty and uniqueness of these places. Pošumaví is an undiscovered region whose qualities include a picturesque landscape, wonderful monuments and the magic of folk art.

Villages and towns are decorated with many folk buildings and houses. Historical, cultural and natural monuments and attractions offer an unusual experience. The whole area lies in a beautiful hilly landscape in the foothills of the Šumava Mountains.

In addition to castle ruins, wild streams, deep forests, relaxation and romance await visitors here. From the top of the hills with a series of viewpoints, not only Šumava, but also Brdy is like in the palm of your hand, as well as the picturesque plain in the south of Bohemia.

There is a rich cultural, social and sports life in Pošumaví. In the summer months, a large number of concerts, theater performances and historical events take place here. The whole of Pošumaví is criss-crossed with a number of marked tourist routes and cycle paths. Of course, we must not forget the local gastronomy either.

We invite you to the region, which is attractive to everyone. Everyone will find something for themselves here.


Pošumaví tourist area you can follow on facebookHERE.



Our spring fairs HOLIDAY WORLD and FOR CARAVAN will have a special guest. Pepa Vrtal s.c. PA ON THE TRIP, who is supported by our organizing team led by Janica Ciglianová and Vanda Petrov (Yousifová), will come to PVA EXPO PRAGUE to tell about traveling in the footsteps of Odysseus through the Mediterranean islands.

He and his tripping family just set off to an area that has about 4,300 islands and if you spent one day on each of them, you would travel for twelve years. Pepa will tell you which places are best to visit and which attractions should not be missed at our exhibition center on Saturday, 18 March, 2023. We look forward to seeing visitors at 4:00 p.m., in hall 4 on the "Main Stage".

Competition for 2 return tickets from Prague to Hurghada with Air Cairo

As part of the accompanying program of the HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD fair, there will be a competitive quiz for 2 prizes in the form of return tickets from Prague to Hurghada with Air Cairo. So don't forget to stop by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board booth (H4-B10) and fill out a simple quiz about Air Cairo and enter the ticket raffle. The draw will take place on Sunday at 14:00 at the Egypt stand.

About Air Cairo

Air Cairo operates regular flights from Prague or Bratislava to Hurghada. From the summer flight schedule, it will also offer a connection to the popular Marsa Alam twice a week. On regular flights, passengers can pre-order seating, hot food, extra luggage or pre-pay for the transport of sports equipment.

Air Cairo is an EgyptAir affiliate operating scheduled & non-scheduled flights from various hubs in Egypt ,namely Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Alexandria, Sphinx, Cairo, Luxor, Assiut and Sohag, to 62 international & domestic airports.

Aircairo is proud of its modern & young fleet of 30 aircraft operated by experienced, ambitious and service oriented staff. The fleet comprises 21 A320 CEO/NEO, 6 ATR72-600 & 3

E190 creating a network that helps passengers to easily connect through any of Air Cairo hubs to the domestic airports. Further, a wide range of Domestic & International code-shared flights operated by EgyptAir are complementing Air Cairo network and offering an uninterrupted connectivity to Air Cairo passengers.

Aircairo is a member of IATA and recognized as IOSA -IATA Operational Safety Audit-operator with one of the highest safety records. Additionally, major tour operators at all destinations operated by Air Cairo recognize Air Cairo as one of the very reliable and punctual carrier.



Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines. Visit and experience our natural and cultural diversity. Have fun in our clear and refreshing waters. Feast in the beauty and vibrancy of our flora and fauna. Or, simply relax and unwind in our tranquil mountains and gardens.


For those who have once been in love with the Philippines, welcome back to our shores. We know, from our own experience, that it’s more fun with you.


Visit the Philippine stand at Holiday World and Region World 2023 on 17-19 March 2023.


The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) looks forward to welcoming travellers from Czech Republic back to Japan with the long-awaited lifting of entry restrictions. JNTO offers a broad range of information, from Tokyo to off the beaten regional destinations, through various digital platforms and events.

Find out more at our Visit Japan booth!

Visit us in Hall 4.



THE BEAUTIFUL MOROCCO, a land of contrasts, Vibrant, seductive and exciting, a place where shadows merge with sunlight, where oasis spring from the desert, where sky and sea meet at the horizon. A land bursting with the colors of life and of celebration. A country where festivals occur all year round.

Visit us in exhibition Hall No. 4 


MALADINOVO ...resort in the center of Liptov near Liptovska Mara

Do you want to enjoy a  holiday likeby the sea with a view of the Tatra mountains in Maladinov? Endless possibilities for walks, trails, a private beach with a jetty and just a few meters from the largest Slovak water park. Stop by the Maladinova stand and learn more.












Dear exhibitors,

promote the products and services you present at the exhibition so that as many people as possible know about them! There will be a television studio with a presenter at the exhibition, which will broadcast live from the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition center in Letňany. He will mediate the events at the exhibition to all those who are interested in it, but for whatever reason are not present at the exhibition site at the given moment. The broadcast will be on Friday primarily on the Facebook page of the exhibition as well as on other platforms with the possibility of retrospective viewing.

The roughly 12-minute broadcast space for exhibitors includes:

  • introduction of the presenter and introduction of the exhibitor,
  • studio interview and self-presentation (approx. 5 minutes),
  • pre-shot medallion from the exhibitor's stand (approx. 2 minutes),
  • continuation of the interview (approx. 5 minutes),
  • exhibitor's advertisement (broadcast filler when changing guests in the studio).

The price of the above service is CZK 5,000 without VAT. You get professional audiovisual promotion for it, which you can use free of charge for other marketing activities after the end of the exhibition.

We have already tested the live stream with the option to watch back at the previous editions of the FOR FISHING trade fair. The interest of the exhibitors was high. Live broadcasts reached up to 4 hours a day.

>> Sample live stream from the fair << 


If you are interested or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Janica Ciglianová

Director of the sales team

phone: +420 724 589 269, e-mail: ciglianova@abf.cz

Final press release HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD 2022

The HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD 2022 trade fairs, which took place in parallel with the FOR CARAVAN and FOR BOAT exhibitions, met the expectations of both the organizer and the exhibitors.

The final press release can be downloaded HERE.


Join networking brunch on Friday 18.03 at 12:30, HALL 3 booth 4A9 with GREEK NATIONAL TOURISM ORGANIZATION.

Trade fairs and events without restrictions

As of March 14, 2022, no extraordinary measures against coronavirus applicable to trade fairs and other events at the exhibition center are in the force. The obligation to wear respirators in enclosed spaces was thus abolished.

With this step, trade fairs and other events held at the exhibition center return to the position what we knew them before the pandemic. We are delighted with the growing interest of exhibitors and visitors as well in this season's events and we believe that this trend will continue successfully.

Although the formal inspections have disappeared, the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition center remains a safe place, where we pay attention to increased hygiene and safety standards of all participants. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events!

Presentation of the project of long-distance tourist and pilgrimage routes Via Czechia

Come and get acquainted with the longest tourist and pilgrimage routes in the Czech Republic - Via Czechia. The system of hiking, cycling and skiing trails, numbering 7,170 km, will be presented by their author Jan Hocek

In 2019, the project of long-distance tourist and pilgrimage routes Via Czechia was created, the total length of which is currently a respectable 7,170 km. Everyone can use the four trails, which are marked separately for hiking, biking or winter skiing.

The Northern Trail and the Southern Trail cross the entire Czech Republic from the westernmost to the easternmost point, follow mainly the state border and cross the highest peaks of the border mountains. The Silesian Trail offers an alternative to the Northern Trail in the Bohemian Silesia region. The border routes are complemented by the Mediterranean Trail, which connects the northernmost and southernmost points of the Czech Republic. The author of the project, photographer and publicist Jan Hocek, walked all the trails, rode his bike and cross-country skis, mapped them and wrote three books about them. The program will also include a photo projection. Information panel HERE.

Date and time of event: 20 March, 2022, 16:00 - 17:00

The AROUND THE WORLD festival has prepared world tastings for the EXOTIC FOOD COURT section as a part of the HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD trade fairs

The festival AROUND THE WORLD and the event HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD 2022 includes a section with exotic food EXOTIC FOOD COURT, which will offer excellent snacks through world cuisines. Exotic tastes and aromas will awaken in you a desire for adventure travel.

That is why, in addition to the lecture hall of the AROUND THE WORLD festival, 12 foreign chefs with prepared tastings are waiting for you in the 2D hall in the middle of the For Caravan trade fair hall.

You can look forward to the following world cuisines:

  • Filipino specialties
  • Sweet and savory desserts of Indonesian cuisine
  • The best kebab of Arabic cuisine
  • Lebanese cuisine
  • Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk
  • African donuts from the Congo
  • Samosas from Ivory Coast
  • Korean kim chi salad
  • Crispy worms - a nutritious delicacy of the future
  • ....Or Mexican burritos

The individual thematic and authentic kitchens are based directly on the AROUND THE WORLD festival concept, the program of which takes place in Hall 2D and in the PVA EXPO Congress Hall. The exact program of the festival can be found here:https://kolemsveta.cz/festival2022/

Autograph session of the actors of the PALACE Theater

Traditional partner of the fair HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD, company Where in the Czech Republic, prepared an autograph session of the actors of the PALACE Theater on Saturday, March 19, 2022.

From 13:00 to 15:00, visitors can look forward to the actors from the performance BEDTIME STORY, Patrik Děrgel, Lenka Zahradnická and Lukáš Příkazký. The autograph session will take place in the exposition of company Where in the Czech Republic, located in Hall 3, Stand Number 4C11.


AROUND THE WORLD Travel Festival (www.kolemsveta.cz) has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. Since 2003, the main organizer of the festival, Karel Wolf, has been bringing together travelers and photographers who, with their screenings of photos and short films, inspire other travelers and photographers on adventure trips.

At a time when the problem of covid is making it difficult to travel outside Europe, the festival's program is more focused on nearby European routes and / or destinations in the world that are "covid-free".

SATURDAY 19 March, 2022 (10:00-18:00)

  • With Jakub on the road - an expedition to three continents with the fisherman Jakub Vágner
  • Iceland, Azores and Ireland (presented by photographer Petr Jan Juračka)
  • Martin Půlpán (aka Lost Czech Man) will introduce Armenia and Georgia
  • Jordan - Petra and Wadi Rum (presented by Julius Lukes)
  • Dolomites (presented by photographer Vladimír Hammer)
  • Canary Islands (presented by Václav Bacovský)
  • And… Thailand, Africa, Sri Lanka, Norway…

SUNDAY 20 March, 2022 (10:00-17:00)

  • Istanbul (introduced by guide and photographer Miloslav Martan)
  • A year in the motorhome (vanlife will be presented by Jan Rychtařík and his family)
  • Chile National Parks (presented by Lukáš Baier)
  • Tanzania (presented by Pavel Svoboda)
  • Iceland (presented by traveler Vojtěch Lhotský)
  • Costa Rica (presented by Martin Mykiska)
  • And more… Peru, Iran, Ireland, Caribbean…

Beautiful women dancers with Indonesian and Indian dances will also perform at the festival. In the afternoon during each day, you can also take part in a draw for valuable prizes by filling out a survey. The exact program and tickets can be found here:https://kolemsveta.cz/festival2022


The Czech UNESCO heritage is not missing at the Holiday World trade fair!

The Czech UNESCO heritage presents the beauties of all towns and villages in the Czech Republic that have a UNESCO monument on their territory. You will find a presentation of these gems in Hall 2B - in a joint exhibition with the Czech Tourism Union. The big attractions here include not only individual materials from cities, but also a number of joint leaflets and brochures. Do you want to test your knowledge of UNESCO monuments and travel? So, do not hesitate and come at any time during the fair to fill out the so-called Quick Quiz for prizes. As a reward for completing the Quick Quiz, you can get table or wall calendars, memory sticks, freebies for monuments, books and many other prizes. On Saturday from 11:00 to 12:00 you can also compete on the main stage. The travel competition is ready again! All you have to do is visit at least 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Czech or Slovak Republic by the end of the year and you can win weekend stays. mobile, tablet and many other prices! More details at https://en.czech-unesco.org/.

Ing. Michaela Severová, Executive Director of the UNESCO Czech Heritage

Compete with the Czech UNESCO heritage and you will not regret it!

Come and fill in the Quick Quiz for prizes during the fair! The year-round UNES & CO. travel competition is also interesting or the Facebook group Society of Friends of UNESCO Monuments. We look forward to you!


Ride a submarine pedal bike

Yes, you hear right! Come to us and ride on an underwater pedal bike. Enjoy a weekend full of attractive fun at our HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD trade fairs. You can look forward to an interactive exhibition and performance of Karel Zeman Museum, from which you will be able to take a unique photo as a souvenir.

In the famous film The Invention of Destruction shot by Karel Zeman, pirates are cruising the underwater bottom on a pedal bike. At our fairs, you can try the pedal bike, and you can still take an amazing photo like from a museum. We call this a great opportunity.

And with a purchased ticket to HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD, you can also enjoy (for free of charge) the FOR CARAVAN and FOR BOAT trade fairs. And it really pays off!


Saxony - the world itself

Do you want to gain experience a weekend surrounded by steam locomotives? Riding a train with live music playing on an open  wagon? Take a steamer ride on the Elbe? Discover both Dresden cable cars? Or just go shopping in Dresden and leave the car at home? And you can experience all this just a short distance from our borders!

The Mobility stand in Saxony at this year's 30th Holiday World trade fair is just for you.

The Mobility stand in Saxony will take you to Germany, to the Federal Republic of Saxony, which has the longest border with the Czech Republic at almost 460 kilometers and is directly adjacent to the Karlovy Vary, Ústí nad Labem and Liberec regions. The stand presents the densest network of steam railways in Europe, associated in the Steam Route Saxony Association. Many of these railways are just over an hour by car away from Prague, many of these lines even operate in daily normal operation and driving in carefully restored wagons pulled by an unadulterated steam locomotive is an experience for the whole family, within sight of the Czech border. .

Another partner at the stand is the Upper Elbe Transport Association, which brings together all public transport operators in the Dresden region. You will learn more about the modern mode of transport and how to get from Dresden railway stations comfortably wherever you need in this city on and around the Elbe.

We look forward to you!

More info here: vvo-online.de/de


Do you want to sleep under the tent in the oasis? Visit Tunisia!

This year, Tunisia will be introduced to you in all its beauty at our trade fairs. They want to show you that  Discover Tunisia they are not just hotel resorts, but also beautifully preserved monuments, golf courses right on the coast and the mysterious Sahara with oases where you can sleep under the tent.

Short range distance, sandy coast with a gradual entry into the sea, excellent cuisine and the hospitality of the locals ... All this makes Tunisia one of the most sought after destinations.

Come to their stand to soak up the right holiday atmosphere, taste Tunisian dates and smell the oriental perfumes. Everyone is already looking forward to you!

More information can be found atDiscover Tunisia (discovertunisia.com)


Legend Stanislav Synek is again a part of the fair

It has been more than two years since you said goodbye during our tourism fair to the expedition that set out on a several-year trip around the world.

TKS2 has a unique concept, where people can join the board during the whole trip and thus gain real expedition first hand experience, for example within two or three weeks.

Stanislav Synek - the patron of TKS2 and the only surviving member of the entire original expedition from the late 1980s around the world - joined these travelers last year.

And you can look forward to Stanislav Synek at our fair on Sunday,  20 March, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm on our main stage.

Marek Havlíček, the founder of the TKS2 project and a traveler with traveler Tereza Flešarová as well, will also be an integral part of  Sunday story performance.

South Bohemians - true love

South Bohemians proudly say that southern Bohemia is a true love for the whole life. And we believe them. Let yourself  been seduced  and have first-hand experience  that you don't have to travel across half of the world for exceptional experiences.

South Bohemia, they have countless tips for interesting trips. And one of the main motives for the upcoming season in southern Bohemia is caravanning. They expand the places and facilities for camping and caravans, thanks to which you can even more easily get acquainted with the treasures that await you in southern Bohemia.

As part of the HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD trade fair, South Bohemians will be happy to welcome you in their exhibition and advise you what you should definitely not miss in their picturesque region.

The Nitra region - breathtaking region

At the stand of the Nitra Region, they will be happy to guide you through the beauties of this breathtaking region. Come and listen to a nice story about a region full of history, sun, water and wine.

The Nitra region is rich in history and a paradise for tourists and archaeologists.

It is one of the warmest areas in Slovakia and one of the most productive places in the country of our neighbors. It is characterized by rich groundwater reserves and thermal springs. It is also rich in a large number of cycleways.

At the stand of the Nitra Region, they are eager to wait for your visit.

On holiday for the beauties of nature of the Pilsen region

Why right there? For the magic that the Pilsen region will conquer everyone with. You will understand why it is a popular area for filmmakers and tourists alike. The Pilsen region provides you with a great choice for a full-fledged holiday in the beautiful nature. Step into the rare and valuable beauty of protected landscape areas that are not visited by mass tourists. Come to the Pilsen region, where with each touch of the fresh air you will feel relaxation permeating the whole body, more and more connected with what you have in front of you. It is a place where one can be sure that  will always return here and still have something to discover, at any time of the year.

For more detailed information about the Pilsen region,  visit their stand at our wonderful trade fair. We look forward to you!

And a question for enthusiasts. Can you guess in which famous fairy tale you discovered a castle from this region?:

The wine is cooling, the glasses are polished! Which region invites you to visit this time?

The wine is cooled, the glasses are polished. Visit our promotional stand of the Southmoravian region at trade fair and get inspired there with a delicious cup, which TOP places would not be missed during  your holiday this year. You are cordially invited!

And if you have this region "conquered", share with us our https://www.facebook.com/veletrh.holiday.world through the comments concerning your own tips on where to go, thank you!

We are also adding beautiful promotional videos from this region. Look at :-)

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